Middle class academic feminists – STOP trying to own Feminism

So now I am being accused of woman hatred by the ‘radical’ feministswho claim to ‘own’ feminism.

Why ?

+Because I stated that women hold up the patriarchy and patriarchy will                NOT crumble until women step back and resist.

+ Because I said I thought it was hillarious that Lierre Keith got a pie in the face for being a hypocrite.

+Becuase I speak my truth when making comments on the internet and in REAL life, on the streets.

+ Because I speak in my own working class non academic voice.

+Because I really hope I am a metaphorical slap in the face to all the academic middle class feminists & seps out there who still DO NOT get it – capitalism, class privilege, etc.

+ Because I am not and will not be your victim waiting to be rescued.


Radfem Hub = Same old middle class crap from so called ‘Radical Feminists’.

Pheweeee !


I am DONE, Yes Done with trying to be a part of the conversation over at The Radfem Hub.

Radfem Hub claims to be a Radical Feminist space,   Yet it seems anyone who tries to post comments about their personal experiences is totally patronised, if not outright silenced.

I know that I am NOT the only Radical Feminist who has had posts at the                       Radfem Hub deleted or not approved.

Or when my posts have been approved, I have been outright patronized, sneered at and talked down too by the moderators ‘Undercover Punk’ and ‘Zeph’.

Every womyn I know of who has been silenced there has been working class           or poor.

It’s the same bullshit attitude I have come across again and again and again within Radical Feminist and Lesbian Sep circles.

My life experiences laughed at because I won’t – I refuse, to be a victim      waiting to be rescued by my so called ‘sisters’.

I have something to tell you middle class Feminists:

Working class and poor Feminists are SICK of your shit.


Editorial policy,


I have decided to focus this blog around my experiences in and as a

Radical Feminist and including the 10+ years I spent within the

Lesbian Separatist ‘community’.


I had originally planned for this to be a general blog

about Radical Feminism, separatism and Anarchism, Punk Rock.

But I am getting stretched a bit too thinly.

So will just focus on Rad Feminism, separatism and

my experiences in those communities as someone who is

working clas/poors & vegan/veggie & mixed race/ethnicity.


To be clear to those of you readying this blog:

I grew up working class/blue collar, have been poor the majority

of my life and still am, I am a vegan/veggie-I go back and fourth,

My Feminism is Radical not liberal, my Feminism is Anarchist in nature,

Anarchist as in mutual aid, no hierarchies.

I have learning disablilties(the 3 D’s – Dylsexia, Dyscalcula, dysprexia)

and refuse to be silenced by middle class academic theory feminists.

I believe in fighting for female autonomy.

I am also of mixed race/ethnicity – I am an ‘other’.



Hey folks,

I am new to wordpress and getting used to navigating this whole thing.

So please be patient with me.

I am trying to keep my page ‘plain’ and easy to read.


Eats, shits and leaves


Yes you will see many spelling mistakes and bad grammar here.

But the good thing is you will read about real emotions and personal experiences,

you will not get middle class academic bullshit.


Hey sister – your treating that piece of meat like a woman.

Hoooo hummmm,

For those of you following my blog here, I will say this once and only one.

Iam a veggie/vegan and I will not prost anti vegan or anti veggie views on my blog.

I will also publicly say that I would have NO problems with those who take action

against meat eating feminists, seps, anarchists or others.


Why is it that SOOOOO many so called ‘radicals’ just can;t make that

connection between human & animal & earth oppression & liberation??


Why is it that meat eaters cry ‘your oppressiong me’ when their

PERSONAL choice to eat other beings is questioned ??


Anyway for those of you vegans & veggies reading this and who want

a good hard laugh,

I dare you to check out the you tube

video of Lierre (Liar) Keith getting a cayenne laced pie in the face

at the San Francisco Anarchist Bookfair………..

I do wish the action had been carried out by Radical Feminists though!


I will post more about my views on all this at another time.

Just wanted to put this up after some of the stupid ass ill informed responses to Sheila Jeffries posting about Feminists and vegetarianism over at the Radfem hub.

Haaa my comment was not posted yet again over there……….



Hey folks !


I am going to be incomunicado for about 3 weeks.

Taking a hitch hiking break through Northern

California, Oregon and on up into Washington.

Going to the Rainbow Gathering (yes I REALLY go to that).

Lots of strong females, DIY and more and besides,

(they even have womyns space and LG/etc space.)

Hey I can’t afford Michigan womens festival !

I also hope to go trainhopping for the first time – finally.

Yes I am a Radfeminist, Anarchist with alot of train hopping, travelling & poor friends. Yes I really exist :>)

So I look forward to returning to this blog when I get back.


Internet activism ?

Hello and Thank You to all who have checked out and commented

here on my brand new blog!

I am still figuring this whole WordPress thing out, so trying to add

you all to my ‘blogroll’ but having difficulty.

So I wanted to talk about the internet & community activism here.

Number one I am a Luddite (or primitivist/anti civ)  as in anti technology that is harmful.

So I have a serious Love Hate realtionship with the internet, computers

and this form of communication.

Yes the internet has opened up so many positive things but equally it has

gutted us emotionally.

and besides I REALLLLLY MISS writing letters and doing zines

(Zines are home published paper newsletter/publications).

I also don’t want my activism to be online only.

Something is rotten at Radfem Hub

Hey all,

Well I joined the conversation over at the Radfeminst Hub blog.

And twice now I have had comments DELETED or censored

because I tried to talk about class, classism in the Radical Feminist community.

Well after 25+ years of being a social change activist it always seems to come

down to class………………..

So while my Radfem buddies are busy lounging  in academic theory la la land,

I ‘ll see you in the streets fermenting revolution, meet ya at the dumpster or at the soup kitchen !!

Activist angst – where do I start ?

I wanted to talk about why I have decided to do this blog and to go so public about my experiences. Mainly because I need to get this stuff out of my head before I go nuts.

I do NOT intend to and do NOT want to trash the radfem or anarchist or lesbian separatist communities but something is rotten and wrong in all the above.

So while I may get angry and ‘hang my dirty washing out for all the public to see’ it’s because I have no where else to deal with or talk about these issue.

The radfems, the seps, the anarchists ALL refuse to deal with issues in our communities: classism, racism, on and on.

As an example and there will be many  on this blog:

In the 10+ years I was part of the lesbian sep community and very active at that, organizing gatherings, zines/newsletter, travelling around the USA & UK, I only EVER met ANYONE NOT WHITE OR WHITE SKINNED TWICE…`It was also VERY RARE that I EVER met anyone who was NOT middle class or money/property/housing/education privileged. When I tried to talk about my experiences of being raised working class and being poor most of my life I was silenced. I also saw and was myself emotionally, physically abused by a sep.

It was impossible to talk about class ism within  sep circles, When I wrote in my sep newsletter, I  was often made fun of because of my dyslexia and working class, blunt style of language. I would get letters complaining that it wasn’t ‘academic enough’. I could’nt talk about anything in the only other sep publication as they had a ‘no discussing anything that will damage our community’  policy – That equals silencing of dissent. I equally found/find this attitude in radfem and anarchist circles, though I must say to be fair their is luckily a better range of folks from many backgrounds in radfem and anarchist circles, though the anarchist community is less ‘white’ than the radfem community – it’s a fact.

I think a problem is that when someone becomes ‘radicalized’  they often think ‘well now I’m around people who are so right on and aware, oppression is suddenly going to disappear and not exist in radical communities’.

How wrong that is……………some of the worst class ism and emotional abuse I have been through in my life has been within radical circles.

I called myself Anarchist before I called myself feminist and at the time I got involved in the anarchist community radical feminism was ALIVE & FLOURISHING in the anarcho world – unlike now where everything is ‘queer’ and just about most stuff claiming to be feminist is well,  actually queer.

Then I started hanging out with anarcho feminists, then I came out as a lesbian and separatism was for me ( a VERY important note here: while I may no longer call myself lesbian separatist or be a part of that community, I support and defend lesbian separatism and female only space) the answer to everything. But then a weird thing happened – radfems hated me for being separatist for putting lesbians first, then alot of seps and rad fems hated me too for being an anarchist.

Radfems told me I couldn’t be radfem because of my tattoos or dyed punk hair and that I was supporting BDSM – even though I am very publicly against BDSM.

Then onto the seps who woud say I was oppressing them because I was vegan/veggie.  ‘Hey sister your treating that piece of meat like a woman’….

I couldn’t win !

I’ve been running from serious involvement with both the Radfeminist & Anarchist communities for about 5 years now.  Though I have still been being active in many areas mainly food justice, homelessness, community gardening.

Quietly and not so quietly fermenting revolution.


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