Radfems hate me cause I’m an Anarchist – Anarchists hate me cause I’m a Radfem – where to from here ?

Hello world.
This my new blog as Femrage Truthteller.

This blog is intended for female born females.
I write as a Radical Feminist, Anarchist Feminist, working class vegan/veggie female.
I have decided to use this blog to vent and try to get out my heart break within both the Radical Feminist (Lesbian or not) and Anarchist communities.

Before ANYONE accuses me of trashing either of these communities I say I am creating this blog to try to create space where we can build community and try to DEAL with serious issues within both communities.
I will use this blog to tell my truth around my experience within many different radical communities.

I speak my truth as someone who has been trashed, emotionally abused, excluded with Radfem, Anarchist & Lesbian Sep communities.
I speak my truth as a survivor of sexual abuse, physical abuse and emotional abuse by BOTH male and female (including a Lesbian).

I speak my truth as a survivor of prostitution, homelessness, poverty, mental illness.

I speak my truth as one who has been involved in many different radical activist communities,
Radical Feminist, Anarchist, Lesbian Separatist,
Punk Rock/DIY, Animal Liberation…………

So if you come here expecting a darling of academic womens studies – well ya got another thing coming.



  1. Mary Sunshine said,

    June 17, 2011 at 8:34 pm

    Hi RFTT 🙂 I’m very happy to see that you have decided to blog. Lots and lots of issues there. Lesbian separatism needs not to be “owned”. That’s what’s needing me right now.

  2. June 29, 2011 at 11:30 pm

    Hi Mary !
    I like what you have to say !

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