Something is rotten at Radfem Hub

Hey all,

Well I joined the conversation over at the Radfeminst Hub blog.

And twice now I have had comments DELETED or censored

because I tried to talk about class, classism in the Radical Feminist community.

Well after 25+ years of being a social change activist it always seems to come

down to class………………..

So while my Radfem buddies are busy lounging  in academic theory la la land,

I ‘ll see you in the streets fermenting revolution, meet ya at the dumpster or at the soup kitchen !!


1 Comment

  1. June 28, 2011 at 7:32 pm

    Well I was just looking at the latest guest blog on Radfem Hub.
    There is an interesting blog about ‘legal marriage.
    Okay so good so far, many responses about screw the
    whole concept of state & religion sanctioned marriage
    and how Lesbian & Gay folks have better & more important issues
    to be fighting & worrying about than the ‘right’ to get legally married.

    Well along comes a comment on the above blog and it ends
    with along the lines of:
    Well I have a dream about taking over a village and
    it on,y being inhabited by women, womens laws, womens businesses’.

    Well sorry honey we already have womens communities, and MANY of
    us are EXCLUDED because we are POOR or working class or don’t have education privilege.

    Also I would NOT want to live in a world that is just
    a woman carbon copy of capitalist society.

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