Hey sister – your treating that piece of meat like a woman.

Hoooo hummmm,

For those of you following my blog here, I will say this once and only one.

Iam a veggie/vegan and I will not prost anti vegan or anti veggie views on my blog.

I will also publicly say that I would have NO problems with those who take action

against meat eating feminists, seps, anarchists or others.


Why is it that SOOOOO many so called ‘radicals’ just can;t make that

connection between human & animal & earth oppression & liberation??


Why is it that meat eaters cry ‘your oppressiong me’ when their

PERSONAL choice to eat other beings is questioned ??


Anyway for those of you vegans & veggies reading this and who want

a good hard laugh,

I dare you to check out the you tube

video of Lierre (Liar) Keith getting a cayenne laced pie in the face

at the San Francisco Anarchist Bookfair………..

I do wish the action had been carried out by Radical Feminists though!


I will post more about my views on all this at another time.

Just wanted to put this up after some of the stupid ass ill informed responses to Sheila Jeffries posting about Feminists and vegetarianism over at the Radfem hub.

Haaa my comment was not posted yet again over there……….




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  1. August 1, 2011 at 12:03 am

    Hey folks,
    I am having trouble approving the replies to the above blog I did.

    I know what I have said has upset some of you.

    I do not believe that Lierre was ‘physically attacked’ or that she was a ‘helpless’ woman’ as some folks have suggested regarding the
    pie in the face that she got.
    For me personally as a survivor of domestic violence, childhood abuse and prostitution – someone who has been personally attacked to hear that the pie in the face was a ‘attack’ is laughable.

    What is at the ROOT of what I am asking is:
    Why is it OKAY for those who call themselves ‘feminist’ (especially radical feminist ) to support the enslavement and oppression of other species ??

    I think the action that was taken against Lierre (who is now the ‘darling’ of the anti vegan movement & making her living off speaking & writing against vegans) was justified.
    I do STRONGLY WISH the action had been taken by other Radical Feminists.
    I also publicly am stating that I used to know Lierre and I stopped working with her before she started attacking vegans.

    It is personally hard for me to listen to some one who claims to be working to end oppression of females – justifying the enslavement of other species of females.

    “But we treat them so well and they were bred for our use”
    “But we treat our slaves so well”
    Ummm heard that someplace before ????????????
    Sorry it just does not work for me.

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