Editorial policy,


I have decided to focus this blog around my experiences in and as a

Radical Feminist and including the 10+ years I spent within the

Lesbian Separatist ‘community’.


I had originally planned for this to be a general blog

about Radical Feminism, separatism and Anarchism, Punk Rock.

But I am getting stretched a bit too thinly.

So will just focus on Rad Feminism, separatism and

my experiences in those communities as someone who is

working clas/poors & vegan/veggie & mixed race/ethnicity.


To be clear to those of you readying this blog:

I grew up working class/blue collar, have been poor the majority

of my life and still am, I am a vegan/veggie-I go back and fourth,

My Feminism is Radical not liberal, my Feminism is Anarchist in nature,

Anarchist as in mutual aid, no hierarchies.

I have learning disablilties(the 3 D’s – Dylsexia, Dyscalcula, dysprexia)

and refuse to be silenced by middle class academic theory feminists.

I believe in fighting for female autonomy.

I am also of mixed race/ethnicity – I am an ‘other’.




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