Radfem Hub = Same old middle class crap from so called ‘Radical Feminists’.

Pheweeee !


I am DONE, Yes Done with trying to be a part of the conversation over at The Radfem Hub.

Radfem Hub claims to be a Radical Feminist space,   Yet it seems anyone who tries to post comments about their personal experiences is totally patronised, if not outright silenced.

I know that I am NOT the only Radical Feminist who has had posts at the                       Radfem Hub deleted or not approved.

Or when my posts have been approved, I have been outright patronized, sneered at and talked down too by the moderators ‘Undercover Punk’ and ‘Zeph’.

Every womyn I know of who has been silenced there has been working class           or poor.

It’s the same bullshit attitude I have come across again and again and again within Radical Feminist and Lesbian Sep circles.

My life experiences laughed at because I won’t – I refuse, to be a victim      waiting to be rescued by my so called ‘sisters’.

I have something to tell you middle class Feminists:

Working class and poor Feminists are SICK of your shit.



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