Middle class academic feminists – STOP trying to own Feminism

So now I am being accused of woman hatred by the ‘radical’ feministswho claim to ‘own’ feminism.

Why ?

+Because I stated that women hold up the patriarchy and patriarchy will                NOT crumble until women step back and resist.

+ Because I said I thought it was hillarious that Lierre Keith got a pie in the face for being a hypocrite.

+Becuase I speak my truth when making comments on the internet and in REAL life, on the streets.

+ Because I speak in my own working class non academic voice.

+Because I really hope I am a metaphorical slap in the face to all the academic middle class feminists & seps out there who still DO NOT get it – capitalism, class privilege, etc.

+ Because I am not and will not be your victim waiting to be rescued.


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