It’s all about working class Radical Feminist rage !

So what is this blog all about ??

A bit about me and where I am coming from and why I am doing this blog:

I was raised working class, been poor most of my life.                                                            I am of mixed racial/ethnic background(South American/European)

I am physically disabled,  have dyslexia and am a bi polar princess.

I have been involved in the Radical Feminist, Anarchist & Punk Rock communities for about 30 years.

I was was a  part of the Lesbian Separaratist community for 10+.

I spend my time now as a social justice & community activist working within both the ‘radical’ community and my own local town, unpaid as a volunteer –   it’s my life not a career in social work.

I survived street prostitution as a underage teenager and I am a survivor of        street homelessness and child hood emotional and sexual abuse.                        And NO, I will not go into gory details here to elevate my ‘victim’ or ‘oppressed’ status.

I am doing this blog to create a space where hard questions can be asked of The rad feminist and Lesbian separatist communities.

I am doing this blog to refuse to be a victim, to refuse to be silenced by the middle class snobs who run the rad feminist & lesbian separatist communities.

I was and have been deeply involved in all the above ‘radical’ communities as an                   organizer,  zine/publication creator, not as a by stander.


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